Top Quality Metal Bracket -DX,DC Can start all world wide sales

Congratulations for Denxy Dental !

The Great sales Top Quality metal bracket MIM ---DX,DC from Brazil for over 7 years.

Now we start to sell to other country market.

DX, DC Advantages as follows :

1, Accurate Data Expression

Industrialized manufacturing by using Metal Powder Injection Molding. DX/DC high-quality crafts ensure accurate expression of the orthodontic correction programme data.

2, Ultra-thin, Ultra low Profile, Edge curved smooth, T Shape spherical hook , surface and edge processing smoothness

Ultra-thin design improves comfort, also prevents gingival interference during treatment; the edge of the bracket adopts a curved and sleek design, and the delicate surface and edge treatment make the product smoother; the hook made by MIM is more rounded ,not stimulates the mouth and ensures a more comfortable patient experience.

3, Excellent mesh Base Design and Crafts

The mesh base adopts a special arrangement of dot design and mesh design, and is treated with a special process to achieve optimal bonding strength.

4, Made of 17-4PH stainless steel imported from UK Wold 500 Top Brand: SANTVIK OSPREY LTD.,

The stainless steel injection molding technology produces 17-4PH with higher strength and rounded shape, which further improves comfort.
High quality raw materials make sure high quality bracket.

5,Plot mark; Positioning center line is more clear and more accurate

The high-quality MIM crafts ensure that the pits and positioning center line are clear and accurate, making it easier for dentists to operate.

6, The brackets shows number of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to help the customer better recognize the tooth position.
7, Sandblasted, once more increased the bonding strength .
8, The slot is polished by hand 1 piece by 1piece.So the slot is more bright and smooth, the friction is lower .
9, Production , Quality Control Etc. all works with SOP files(Standard Operation Procedure).
QC each 1 piece bracket. Use wires to check the bracket slot one by one,make sure each bracket is 100% right and standard slot.