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Payment Way 


Address:  No.6 Manufacturer 713, Haipingyuan,Develop district, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China  

Bank Transfer to Company Account

Beneficiary: Changsha Denxy Technology Co.,Ltd.

A/C NO.:        1901018019200083450

T/T  Bank:      Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Swift code:     ICBKCNBJHUN



Bank Transfer 2:


Swift code    :  CZCBCN2X


Beneficiary   :  Denxy Bio Technology Co.,Limited

A/C NO.   :    NRA15703142010500001631
Bank Transfer 3:


(DHBKHKHHXXX * If 11 characters are required)

Account Number :  79969503857

Account Name:  XT-Changsha Denxy Technology Co.,Ltd.

* "-"can be replaced by a space. If the account name is too long,you can continue filling it into the address field.

Bank Name : DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

Bank Address  :  11th Floor, The Center, 99 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Country/Region :    Hong Kong

Bank Code  :016

Branch Code  :  478

* If paying from Hong Kong banks


For the payment of goods, please make a SWIFT(T/T) or CHATS(HK Local) Payment




Account : denxydentalboss@126.com /   denxydental@hotmail.com

Buyer will pay extra 4% as Paypal service charges

Western Union / Money Gram


ID Name: Liang Zhang (Liang is first name, Zhang is last name)

ID No.: 43018119821015501X

ID Add: No.40,duanxinzu,shouhepiancun,chenqiaocun,zhangfangzhen,liuyang city,hunan province, China


ID Name :  Wenjuan Xiao (Wenjuan is first name, Xiao is last name)

ID : 430181198503145026   

Add:    No.27,fangshizu,shouhecun,zhangfangzhen,liuyang city, Hunan, China. 


ID name : Ling Hua( Ling is first name, Hua is last name)     

ID: 430703197909065818   


ID add: baihuyanzu, gutipincun,shifantanzhen,dingchenqu,changde city, Hunan province, China 


Name : Guanhua Gu (Guanhua is first name, Gu is last name)

ID: 430181198401155020

ID address : No.33 Fangshizu,fangshipian,chenqiaosun,Zhangfangzhen,Liuyang city, Hunan Province,China.


Name: Yi Peng (Yi is first name, Peng is last name) 
 ID:  430224198002076518   
 Add: No.025 Fangxia, Shilong cun, zhitang xiang, Chaling xian, Hunan Province  


ID Name: Yiwei  Zhang  (Yiwei is given name, Zhang is family name)
ID Number: 430626198510047718
ID Address: No.606,F4 Building, Lugulinyu xiaoqu, Tongzipoxilu NO.408,Changsha City,Hunan Province,China


 ID Name: Yunhua  Yan  (Yunhua is given name,Yan  is family name)   

ID No:   432421195912310764

ID Address: No.8 cunmingzu,fuxingcun, zhonghekouzhen,dingchenqu,changde city, hunan province, China




 ID name:       Xiaohua  Li(Xiaohua is given name, Li is family name)(Miss)   

ID No.:          432503199009137660   

ID Address:   Tieluchong zu,Tongxicun,Jinshi Zhen ,lianyuan city, Hunan province,China 
 ID name:   Xingxing You (Xingxing is given name, You  is family name)   

 ID No.:     430626198703077323              

 ID Address:  No.22 Yangyuancun Wengjiangzhen, Pingjiangxian, Hunan,China 

 ID name: Wenying  Xiao     (Wenying is first name (give name),Xiao is last name (family name))

 ID No.:430123198308165028

 ID Aress:No401,9building, Pingguoshequ, Xinganlu,Xinggangshequ, Changsha, Hunan,China
 ID name: Bin She (Bin is first name(give name) ,She is Family name )
 ID No.:430703199108070755
 ID Address : No.5 cunmingzu, Fuxing cun,  zhonghekou zheng,Dingchengqu, Changde City,Hunan,China
Western Union
ID Name:Shi Dai (Shi is first name, Dai is last name)
ID No.:430821199108030962
ID Address:NO.15, Yongancun, lingyangzhen, cili city, Hunan Province, China

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